MEDIA TERRORISM® is a site devoted to examining the role of mass communication in people’s lives.

Wouldn’t you think that most consumers of media would want the information they accept to be true, useful, informative, dignified, and objective? Well, is it? This is what we call MEDIA TERRORISM. This site is crucial for all people to know how our media-driven society has shaped and mis-shaped our values, causing considerable harm at the same time. Consistently, the media pokes, prods, drives, pushes, and coerces consumers with FEAR. How many of these fears are ever realized? How much of what we see in the media (and especially the news) is in our realm of normal? .

Like electricity, the power of fear continues to be harnessed.

Prior to modern times, the potential for using electricity existed, but went untapped. In the past 50 years, fear mongers have accelerated the ways to deliver pain to audiences and make them jump. They learned how to parlay the manipulation of that emotion into the largest cash cow to date.


Terrorism is a person or group’s unlawful use or threat of force or violence with the intention to intimidate or coerce, often for ideological or political reasons. MEDIA TERRORISM uses fear, of real or fancied events, to intimidate and coerce the masses to act; generally to consume and takes away people’s ability to think for themselves.

Modern humans have been taught, even conditioned, to fear many things.

The list of fears grows exponentially as each individual articulates the things s/he dreads. A short list of popular fears includes change, financial insecurity, other people, big businesses, wasting time, uncertainty (the unknown), and more. But these fears are a learned behavior. People aren’t born with an instinctive fear of any of these. From where did they come?